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December 16 2015

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Silver Star // Europapark

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Santa Monica pier 

November 30 2015

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I love this view! #rollercoaster #topthrilldragster #cedarpoint #ohio #usa

November 23 2015

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November 17 2015

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Here is the FULL POV of Lightning Rod at Dollywood!

November 16 2015

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Ride Operator Problems Pt.1


When a guest nonchalantly drops trash in front of you when there’s a garbage two feet away and you just sweeped that area. Later you see the same person and hear them complaining about how dirty the park is:

 A guest is trying to get on a ride without shoes and makes a whole story about how they walked all the way from the waterpark for this one ride:

One of your team members is shit-talking your favorite ride in the park on the other side of the platform:

This is your third red box/”guest illness” of the day within a single hour at one ride location, and your Sup hasn’t gotten back yet with more kitty litter. The guest was even an asshole and didn’t say anything about it:

When the ride throws a fault and you didn’t do anything:

Electric Slide or Cupid Shuffle starts playing over the speakers but you gotta get to break because you’re already a few minutes behind:

Getting to go home early before the evening breakers come in, and you were scheduled to work until close:

Test-riding in the morning and guests are already in the park, or when adding a second train:

On Ride Night, maintenance lets you ride the biggest coaster in the park without trim breaks:

You’re filling out your last training checklist for the day and the associate forgot to initial one line and sign because it was on the back.

One of you sister parks is getting a new coaster:

You see the storm clouds brewing and it’s going to be a big one. You make eye contact with your fellow associates and start your lightning dance:

November 10 2015

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Flug der Dämonen // Heide Park, Germany //

November 08 2015

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In the spirit of a new design we’re working on, let’s go through the alphabet in order. Comment your favorite coaster starting with the letter A, followed by B, C, and so on. 1 comment per person, 1 coaster per letter (it’s okay if we double up by accident). Let’s see if we can make it all the way from A to Z. Ready? We’ll start:

American Eagle #sixflagsgreatamerica http://ift.tt/1S9KBGz

Beast. #KingsIsland

Colorado Adventure, Phantasialand

October 28 2015

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October 21 2015

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Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Flyer, Movie Park Germany. ;-)

October 13 2015

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Phoenix at Knoebels !

October 11 2015

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Thunderbird roller coaster at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.

October 10 2015

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#Wodan’s #incredible #entrance at @europapark in #Rust #Germany! #Theming #rollercoaster #rollercoasterpics #woodcoaster #woodencoaster #GCI #greatcoastersinternational #greatcoasters #greatcoastersinc #EuropaPark #Europa #beautiful #sunset #photooftheday #eyr #MadeToThrill #InstaTPR #RideWithACE #upstopmedia (at Europa-Park)

September 22 2015

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September 20 2015

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Firehawk, Kings Island

September 14 2015

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#throwbackthursday to that time I rode #ElLoco at #CircusCircus #AdventureDome and got a headache. So I rode it again. And again. ;)

Good to meet a fellow coaster masochist!

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Xcelerator @ Knott’s Berry Farm

September 09 2015

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